Autumn in South korea
By: Rechel Clarin

Last October 28, 2007 was my first trip to South Korea. But before I narrate my trip, I would like to give you some information about their Autumn Season at South Korea. Autumn starts at September to November, and produces mild weather. It is the best season to visit Korea. But at the time I visited S. Korea, I think that’s the last 2 weeks of Autumn and its approaching Winter Season already because of the very cold weather.

Our first destination was Incheon, after our group arrives at around 1930 / 28 Oct. We met Ms. Jennifer (our tour guide) & Mr. Jun (our photographer) and they led the group to our coach. Then we proceeded to a local restaurant for our dinner. At first some passengers are hesitant to mingle with one another but maybe because all are tired and want to rest. After our delicious dinner, we checked in at Ramada Songdo Hotel which is not far from the local restaurant, I think only 10-15 minutes. Ms. Jen advised us the early call time because of our very hectic schedule the following day.

After we had breakfast, we proceeded to Nami Island (my picture above) which is almost 3-3 ½ hrs by bus. We took our lunch there at Nami Island. Included is one of my favorite Korean dishes, the Dakgalbi (boneless chicken bbq). I really enjoyed Nami Island because of its very romantic scenery plus its very beautiful & colorful autumn leaves. Our next stop after Nami was Mt. Seorak which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in South Korea. According to Ms. Jen, Korean people love going to Mt. Seorak for sightseeing and for family bonding and after they climb Mt. Seorak, they would want to go to sauna for their body relaxation. And that’s what our group did; we went to Hanhwa Resort for sauna and swimming. My passengers really enjoyed the Korean style sauna; they said that they want to sleep already after that experience. Then after dinner we checked in at Hanhwa Resort.

On our 3rd day we experienced pear picking. All my passengers were delighted to see such big fruits. They couldn’t wait to eat the pear that they picked. Then we proceeded to Everland Outdoor Theme Park. But before enjoying the Big 5 tickets, we first took our lunch at Alpine. The food was great and I’m so full that I didn’t finish my meal. All my passengers, especially the young generations were excited to try the thrilling rides. Some of the rides that I enjoyed there were the following: Safari World, American Adventure & Flume Ride. We departed Everland at around 6pm and proceeded to dinner and checked in at Sejong Hotel which was in Seoul.

On our 4th day, after the usual breakfast inside hotel, we proceeded to Seoul City Tour, Korean National Folk Museum and Lotte World (Indoor & Outdoor Theme Park). Last on our itinerary was the Han River Cruise. The ambiance was so romantic plus the cold weather was perfect for lovers. We checked in at Sejong hotel early for those who want to have a shopping experience at Myongdong which is just behind Sejong hotel. Some of my passengers asked me to join them but I wanted to fix my things so I told them to leave without me. I really liked staying in Sejong Hotel because it’s very accessible to many places, especially the shopping areas. Also the rooms are great.

On our last day in Seoul, all passengers were eager to go shopping for their little souvenirs (pasalubong) to their relatives like me. Our itinerary for this day was all about shopping. First stop was the Amethyst Factory & Ginseng Center. Next was the Duty Free Shop, then we took our lunch at Tony Roma’s (excellent food). After lunch we proceeded to Dongdaemun, where we bought many souvenir items at cheap cost. Last destination was the supermarket near Incheon airport for some traditional Korean food like seaweeds, spicy noodles, sweets, etc. Then we were transferred to Incheon airport for our departure flight back to Manila.

Overall the autumn experience was very fun, I really enjoyed my stay at South Korea and I’m hoping & excited to experience their other seasons soon. Please see more pictures below for your little glimpse of my tour.